You can book Frank for presentations and workshops. Currently Frank is touring world-wide with the following award-winning presentations:


Dealing with Dilemmas: Where Business Analytics Fall Short

Many industries are at a crossroads. The old ways of working clearly don't do the trick anymore. And we haven't figured out the new ways yet. In our obsession with analysis, we try to solve our current business problems with even more analytical thinking. It doesn’t work. Unfortunately, we no longer master the art and science of synthesis — the opposite of analysis. In this high-paced, provocative, and out-of-the-box presentation, Frank walks you through the results of his years of research in this area.


Performance Comes From Venus, Management From Mars

Why do so many scorecard initiatives fail? Why is the budgeting process such a political exercise? Why is achieving “one version of the truth” such an elusive goal? Challenging best practices, Frank Buytendijk comes with straight talk about what truly counts in business intelligence and performance management; understanding people’s behaviors. If your initiatives to boost business performance have failed, if you are looking for “what’s next,” or if you want to jumpstart your new initiative, Frank’s provocative style and out-of- the-box thinking will certainly grab you. Attend this presentation and learn what jogging, sandbagging, people’s behaviors, and trying to stay sane have in common.


What Would The Old Philosophers Have Said...

... About modern themes in business and IT? With technology advancing so fast, and business being a global game, our business questions move from how to do things to why we should do them. Questions of philosophy. Although every mature discipline has its own philosophy, such as medical philosophy, political philosophy and legal philosophy, business and IT philosophy is remarkably undeveloped. In this highly interactive workshop, Frank will share with you his own journey into philosophy, but is equally looking to learn from you.


Performance Networks: Managing The Heterogeneous World

No organization stands alone. Most organizations heavily rely on outsourced activities. They run customer self-service processes, manage complex mass customization value-chains, and even innovation is a co-creative process. Business has become a network. The nature of management, unfortunately, is still very hierarchical. In his usual provocative and humorous style, Frank shares his research on the sense and the nonsense of network organizations, and how to manage this new reality. See how baseball, Frank's whisky cabinet and dating relate to service level agreements, stakeholder management, and everything 2.0.