Dealing with Dilemmas (Wiley and Sons, 2010)

The critics agree, Dealing with Dilemmas contains "inspiring ideas and observations", is "thought provoking", "truly out-of-the-box" and "captures the essence". Dealing with Dilemmas redefines the most nebulous of all management processes: strategy formulation and strategic decision-making. Buytendijk convincingly argues that the key to a successful strategy is the ability to reconcile dilemmas. Moreover, he argues that the instrument we use most, analysis, doesn't work. Analysis only confirms dilemmas. The opposite approach is needed: synthesis. An art and a science that is forgotten. Buytendijk uses philosophy, sociology, operations research and a wide range of strategy topics to show that dilemmas should not be avoided. In fact, embracing them can help you fundamentally move your business forward. More...


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Performance Leadership (McGraw-Hill, 2008)

Called "an organizational blueprint", "an unconventional approach", "readable, witty and entertaining" and "an incredibly useful guide to improving your organization's performance", Buytendijk's book Performance Leadership is a must-read for every management professional. Challenging best practices, Frank Buytendijk comes with straight talk about what makes management initiatives fail, and what to do about it. If your initiatives to boost business performance have failed, if you are looking for ‘what’s next’ or if you want to create a jumpstart with your new initiative, Performance Leadership shares practical lessons. More...


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